The Clinic

Centro de Dermatologia de Lisboa was created in modern and high-quality facilities in Rua Augusto Gil.

It is a health care unit, addressed to those with skin problems, originated from the development of an old tradition.

In the second half of the 20th Century Juvenal Esteves established a dermatology clinic in Rua dos Fanqueiros, which was a national reference. When he retired, Marques Gomes and Miguel Peres Correia ensured its continuity.

With the natural evolution and the need of updating, the facilities had to be moved and the clinic was transferred to the building in Calçada do Sacramento ao Chiado. At that moment Vasco Sousa Coutinho and Rui Oliveira Soares (dedicated to hair diseases) joined the team.

Years went by and again there was a need to update the facilities to ensure the continuity of a dermatology practice very patient-centered and supported by the most modern technical resources.

Also, the clinical body evolved and dermatologocal specialists in specific áreas came together in the medical board, Carolina Gouveia (paediatric dermatology), Pedro Mendes Basto (inflammatory diseases of the skin) and Alexandre Catarino (laser and hair transplant FUE).

The Centro de Dermatologia de Lisboa is located between Campo Pequeno and Avenida de Roma and has the necessary size to welcome equipment and a medical team, keeping the concept of Juvenal Esteves and Norton Brandão according to which the human being affected by skin disease is the centre of our attention and technical resources should be at the service of the medical practice and not the other way around.

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  • Rua Augusto Gil 35b.
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Fixed establishment registered under number E155113
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